How to Make Anyone Hypnotically Drawn to You 

Discover The Powerful Hidden Secrets of
Personal Magnetism

Discover the secrets to not only using your magnetic influence but also how to increase it to outstanding levels.

Magnetism takes you to another level.  When you understand how dynamic it is coupled with your powerful sexual energy you can have others responding in ways that they may not even understand. The results are powerful!  The knowledge priceless.

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There is a big difference between kissing someone because they are attractive and kissing them because words cannot express your feelings for that person. Which way do you want to be kissed?
  • Become more charismatic
  • Create a state of comfort and ease in anyone
  • Become Irresistible & Alluring

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Magnetism, in the form of practical application, is a store house of energy which emanates from your center. It has within it a very powerful, pulling, sucking force, much like a magnet.

When your magnetic presence is strong, it draws people to you. In very old metaphysical literature, it was spoken of as an invisible force field that not only had an instant hypnotic impact on the minds of others but when a person deliberately worked on developing it and using it, it gave them greater power and influence over how people felt about them.

Meaning you choose the sort of feeling your magnetic field has on others.  For example people can feel deeply affectionate, maybe even love for you, without fully understanding why.

Charismatic leaders use it to get large followings, and of course the guy who has dedicated much energy to developing his magnetic presence so he can get droves of women. Very few people even know of their magnetic presence and so most people are owners of a very weak magnetic force. Imagine having a presence about you that get people to feel deep feelings of love and passion for you?

Don't Ever Chase Them
Become The Prize, They Will Do Anything to Have


The Science of Magnetism When Used With Sexual Energy is a Powerful Hypnotic State
Which Draws Others to You

Have you ever met someone and was instantly captivated by their presence? Something about that person seemed to be beyond the scope of “normal” or “ordinary.” You could say that, this person had something special about them. And, you aren’t the only one to notice this. As you will observe more and more people seem to gravitate towards that person.

So what does sexual energy and magnetism have to do with one another? As human beings, the one feeling state which takes a person from feeling a good friendship with you and feeling passionate, and the desire to be with you in a meaningful relationship is sexual energy.

When you combine your sexual energy with the science of magnetism, you become a powerful force of attractive, hypnotic seductive energy. As you willfully practice certain techniques, your own magnetic presence becomes incredibly intense and also incredible hard for others to say no to you.
The most powerful seductresses in the world, understand the power of their sexual and magnetic force to impact and influence.

Because people are impacted so strongly by what they feel, it supersedes anything else. Strong magnetism supersedes looks, it supersedes, money, it supersedes all the normal things you have struggled to deal with when it comes to attracting someone to you.

Magnetism works so well, because most people are moved to take action or fall in love not by what they see with their eyes but how that thing or person makes them feel. And with strong magnetism, especially sexual magnetism people become driven to possess the one who triggers that intensity within them.

Here is another secret about sexual energy….

Sexual energy is not only one of the most powerful, dominating energies to impact others into wanting you. There is a power within that energy that yields tremendous power. Sexual energy has for times back been used by powerful men to not only build their power base but to impact others into their way.

Sexual energy is the creative force and whatever is created in that essence has to bear fruit, so to speak. These secrets are so powerful, that they can impact your life from the moment you understand it all.

The right use of your sexual energy will bring vitality to your physical body. A glow to your skin and an over sense of beauty and allure to your whole sense of being.

Understand why most people waste their sexual energy and what you can do to use yours to attract anyone as well as to become the most desired.

The Old Book and Its Timeless Revelations

Many years ago, I met a teach of ti-chi and other metaphysical teachings.  He had spent years traveling around the world, studying various forms of healing and martial arts. He held workshops in his book store and even took those workshops to various cities and sometimes around the world.

Someone referred him to me, as someone who could help him with a book, he had gotten his hands on.  The book was over one hundred years old.  It was translated into English from Chinese, but the language was still as antique as the old worn pages.

He wanted me to turn the teachings of the book into a program for women to learn to use their sexual power to heal their bodies.  Once done, the program was wildly successful.

He made physical, CD versions of the program, where it could be listened to.  Those CDs were flying off his store shelves.  The moment his supply was done, there were more women asking to place orders for the next batch.

Women he said had a lot of repression surrounding their sexual energy and that repressed feeling was impacting their bodies, health and even beauty.  He said, that if a woman understood her sexual energy it would radically impact her beauty and her ability to attract men in droves.

He also said, that women in this time were more sexually liberated but they had no clue on how to harness their energy power and that most women had little to no magnetism what so ever.

He said, that’s why men are quick to jump on and jump off because they were not moved or impacted by the women very much.

Every woman thinks she is special but most women are the same, he said.  The one who is different is the one who knows how to use her magnetic power.   That woman, has a special quality which makes her so alluring and irresistible.

I was super excited to get my hands on this book.  I took a lot of time reading, creating a more modern aspect to the teachings.  But, the part of the book which really excited me was the part on seduction.

This took told stories about a group of women who had deep knowledge on the use of our energy centers.  These were would use their energy to become radiantly beautiful.  The beauty compared constantly to the moon, inspired a super natural beauty of some sort.

The beauty was not born but one that was nurtured, and fed by the art of self-care and the cultivating of deep appreciation for their feminine essence as well as their profound ability to increase this energy to woo men, put them under a hypnotic seductive spell and influence their feelings to where they felt intense love, passion and desire for those women.

What You Will Learn

  • How to use Internal Kung Fu to become a Sexual Magnetic God or Goddess.
  • The Secret to Creating a Magnetic Aura so strong that it can be felt by anyone who comes in contact with you.
  • How to easily change anyone’s feelings towards you.
  • How to take your sexual energy to an intense level using 3 powerful herbs.
  • Get anyone you want to have a strong attraction towards you.
  • Learn how to easily alter anyone’s feelings and have them feel that you are the only person for them.
  • How to use psychic sex to trigger an explosion of sexual feelings in someone even if that person has previously ignored you.
  • Easily dominate your competition. One technique that will help you outshine your competition even if you think they are more attractive.
  • Use the secret of Sex telepathy to communicate in a special way to alter a person’s thoughts and feelings towards you.
  • One technique will show you how to become the one that everyone desires.
  • How to use the power of sexual magnetism to bring back excitement and desire in your relationship.
  • Increase your success with online dating. Discover a technique that will influence anyone to think of you, desire you and become deeply drawn towards you even if you have only met them online.
  • Easily put anyone at ease so they feel deep comfort with you, as if they have known you forever.

What You Don’t Know About Your Looks, Magnetism and Why People Fall for One person and Not Another

We have all been programmed to believe that only certain types of people, the really good looking type are the ones who get all the dates. You may have been led to believe that in order to have a great romance you had to be stunning. This could not be further from the truth.

We have all seen very good looking people who can’t get anyone to be really interested in them; or just as bad, how many good looking people do you know who have had their partners lose attraction for them. Maybe you have seen, experienced or heard of someone who left a very good looking partner only to fall madly in love with someone who was a lot less good looking. But somehow that other "less attractive" person seemed to posses an incredible magnetic aura which makes them twice more attractive.

The real compelling factor in this case is that one person possesses more magnetism than the other.
Someone who possesses strong magnetism has an almost hypnotic effect on others.
They can instinctively bring others into a state of comfort and strong desire.
Their magnetic aura pulls others towards them.
People are drawn first to their strong sexual magnetic aura over looks.
Others are more willing to give them what they want.

With the Sexual Fu course you learn the power of your sexual energy and the real effect that it has on others. You will also learn the real science of magnetism so you can always be in control of your magnetic presence in all situations.

  • Audio 1: Introduction

    What is sexual Fu about and how it can enhance your life.

  • Audio 2: Internal Kung Fu

    How to use the power of internal Kung Fu to do miraculous things which you could not ordinarily do otherwise and how to use it to develop your magnetic field.

  • Audio 3: The Science of Magnetism

    Learn the secret of magnetism and how it not only affect you but how it influences others who come near you.

  • Audio 4: The Nervous System and the Human Aura

    Your entire body is one powerful system working as a strong force. Learn the real secrets of how your entire body works as a power house to do incredible things.

  • Audio 5: Sexual Energy

    Sexual energy is a powerful force within you but few people know the secrets of sexual energy. Discover the hidden gift of sexual energy and how to use your sexual energy to tantalize others.

  • Audio 6: Sextelepathy

    Learn how easily dominate a person’s thoughts and perceptions of you. Get them to think of you in the way you want.

  • Audio 7: Looks Vs. Magnetism

    There is something far more powerful than what you look like and that is magnetic attraction. Anyone can use the power of magnetic currents to be more radiant and beautiful.

  • Audio 8: How to Create Fast Rapport

    Learn how to get others to feel comfortable with you. Make anyone feel as if they have known you for a long time. Make friends easily, make other at ease.

  • Audio 9: Create an Addictive High in Anyone

    Discover the secrets to making anyone feel deeply in love with you. Learn how to develop that strong emotional sweetness that makes others feel deep emotional bonds with you.

  • Audio 10: The 2 Glass Principle

    We can push others away with our energy. Someone who wanted you today may feel disgusted with you tomorrow. Learn what a person’s energy is telling you about your own energy.

  • Audio 11: Create Raw Sexual Fire

    Learn a step by step technique for using your sexual energy to create a powerful attractive & Hypnotic magnetic field that will make others desire you.

  • Audio 12: Psychic Sex

    How to use the secrets of Psychic Sex to ignite passion in an old, stale relationship. Also learn how to use psychic sex to get the attention of someone who seemed hard to get.

  • Companion Book:

    Learn even more techniques such as how to increase your sexual energy. Learn a little technique on how to dominate your competition and steal the spot light. Also learn a step by step technique on how to use magnetism with online dating. You will also learn the precise steps you need to take if you want to attract your ideal partner.

fade-leftfade-rightThe Program...

By the time you have listened to the entire audio course you will have a brand new perspective on your ability to influence how people think, feel and respond towards you.

The power of audio teachings allows you to take the audio where ever you go. You also get the benefit of listening again and again. The mind learns through repetition, so the more you listen the strong and longer lasting this information will be in your mind.

How much would you pay to attend a workshop to be taught all of this? $300.00 - $400.00? Yet after you have left the workshop so does the teaching. You may retain only a small amount of the information you learned. But with audio teachings it's like getting access to the teacher whenever you want.


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You are receiving a bonus that is as powerful and equally valuable as the main course.  You cannot live a successful life without learning how to effectively persuade others.  Those who know how to persuade always have the upper hand..

They Easily Get What They Want Without Struggle.

Whether in business or in love your ability to persuade others is a precious skill. Everyday and in numerous ways you are trying to persuade others to like you, to take an action that you want or you may try to persuade others over to your way of thinking.

From experience you can see that getting others to do what you want can be very hard. In fact sometimes in trying to persuade others we can cause more misunderstanding than anything good.

Sometimes in dating we often try to force our will.  Sometimes without even realizing that we are doing so.  However when you learn the "soft" ways of getting people to do what you want, all the while thinking that its what they want, this is power.

Once you understand how easily others can be persuaded using the right persuasion techniques your ability to influence becomes quite easy.

Discover why you can never persuade someone by forcing them, directly insisting, criticizing them or tricking them into action.

None of these actions work, as a matter of fact it would cause the other to take the very action that you don't want. There are ways of getting anyone to say yes and even be excited about doing what you want.

Imagine being able to easily influence anyone

  • Persuade someone to take action on a matter that benefits you without you ever having to ask them directly.
  • Use persuasion techniques with your partner instead of complaining or begging them to do what you want.
  • Learn how to easily find anyone's action button so you can always have the upper hand. How to use a Psychic influence technique for deeper persuasion. Discover how to persuade even the most difficult person to your belief.
  • Learn how to easily have them let go of their rigid beliefs and agree to yours in the most covert way.
  • You can even use persuasion techniques to make others really like you allot.
  • Also, learn the persuasion techniques that are used everyday to influence what you buy and how you feel about particular things.

You can see the incredible life changing teachings you are about to learn. Lessons you will take with you in your love life, business and all relationships you encounter from this point forward. To add even more value to an already incredible package. I will also add two other bonuses.

You can see the incredible life changing teachings you are about to learn. Lessons you will take with you in your love life, business and all relationships you encounter from this point forward. To add even more value to an already incredible package. I will also add two other bonuses.


Are You Ready to Develop Your Irresistible Superpowers?

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